Thirty-Six Million Pounds of Turkey Recalled After Recent Salmonella Bacteria Outbreak



On Wednesday, August 3, 2011, CNN News reported a Salmonella bacteria outbreak that contaminated 36 million pounds of ground turkey meat (same weights as 36 fully-loaded Boeing 747 commercial airplanes) from Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation.   Cargill’s plant in Springdale, AR, processed the contaminated fresh and frozen ground turkey products between February 20 and August 2.  One person has been killed, and 76 others in 26 states have been sickened due to ground turkey products.   Consumers are being encouraged to return any opened or unopened packages for a full refund.  Other turkey products from Springdale are not affected by the recall.  Nor are products from Cargill’s three other turkey processing facilities in the United States. Joel Brandenberger (President of the Washington-based National Turkey Federation) predicted the recall will have little impact on turkey consumption.  “The fact that the government and everybody involved worked through this issue pretty quickly to resolve it will maintain consumer confidence in ground turkey”. For more information visit

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