Spring Safety Driving Tips

driving-rainThe transition from winter to spring brings different situations and challenges for drivers. Here are some tips to keep you driving safely during the spring:

Slow Down – While the snow may be gone, springtime can bring slick roads and wet driving conditions. Water can mix with oil and road dust to create slippery roads. Visibility can be compromised due to heavy rain, mist, and fog. Avoid using cruise control or turning sharply during wet weather because it can reduce traction. It is important to adjust your speed accordingly and increase your following distance.

Avoid Puddles – Driving through large puddles can cause hydroplaning, decreased visibility, and impaired brakes, all of which could cause you to lose control of your car. It can also impair visibility for other motorists near you. If you can’t avoid a puddle, gently ease your foot off of the accelerator and do not brake.

Be Aware of the Weather – Spring weather can fluctuate between warm and cold temperatures. Depending on where you live, the roads may still get icy during the spring months. Rain may freeze overnight, and can deceivingly look like water, so it is important to take a look at the weather and road conditions before you drive anywhere.

Avoid Potholes – The aftermath of winter weather usually results in many potholes. Driving over potholes can damage tires and throw off a car’s alignment. If you can’t go around a pothole, slow down and gently pass over it.

Prepare Your Vehicle – Make sure your windshield wipers can effectively clear water from your windshield, keep your tires inflated to reduce damage from potholes, and change your cabin air filter to reduce pollutants that may contribute to allergies. Also check to make sure your tires have proper tread depth and that all of your lights are working. While driving, turn on your fan and defroster to keep your windshield clear of moisture.

Share the Road – Warmer weather means that there will be more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists on the roads. Be aware of who else is on the road with you and make it a priority to look out for others.

Check Medication Side-Effects – Many people suffer with seasonal allergies during the spring and cope by taking over-the-counter allergy medications. Many of these drugs have side-effects that include drowsiness or blurred vision, which may impact your driving ability. If you’ll be driving, check the label of any medication you are taking. If you experience side effects, wait it out or ask someone else to drive.

Stay Focused – Warmer weather may make us want to roll down the windows, turn up the music, and enjoy the sights that we pass by, but it’s important to always stay focused on the road!


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