Attorney Daniel Davis Obtains $175,000 Settlement for Illinois Minor

danIn this case, our client was a passenger in a car being driven by one of his friends when a commercial truck ran a stop sign and t-boned them at high speed. Our client sustained serious injuries including a fractured femur and was forced to miss an entire high school sports season. After several months of negotiation, Attorney Davis held firm and settled the claim for payment of $175,000.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, call Davis & Gelshenen LLP at 1-866-427-2121 for a free initial consultation with one of our Experienced, Trusted, and Recommended Personal Injury Attorneys. Davis & Gelshenen LLP handles cases throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio, and will meet with you at your home to discuss your case.

Results may vary based on specific injuries and the circumstances surrounding each individual case. The results listed above are not a predictor of the same results in similar cases.

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