Stolen Vehicle Crash Fatalities Up in Milwaukee


This year alone, 10 people were killed in Milwaukee car crashes involving a stolen vehicle. The victims were either occupants of a stolen vehicle or were in another vehicle involved in a stolen vehicle crash. This is a significant increase compared to previous years. According to the Milwaukee police, there were only 2 fatalities due to stolen vehicle accidents in 2014. The amount of stolen vehicle deaths this year represents about 16 percent of all traffic fatalities in Milwaukee in 2015.

What is even more troubling is that some of these accidents have involved teenagers. In November, two teenagers were killed in separate crashes in Milwaukee involving underage drivers without licenses. To see a list of all of the incidents involving stolen vehicles this year, see the article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here:

To avoid car theft, remember to always lock your car doors, park in well-lit areas, and lock garage doors. You should never leave your car running unattended or leave your windows open. For added security, you may want to consider installing a GPS tracking system or alarm system on your car. Also, do not leave valuable personal property in your car. Many car thefts happen when a high-value item is visible in a vehicle.

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