Attorney Joe Pierotti Obtains $122,500 Settlement for Client with Permanent Chronic Pain

Attorney Joseph PierottiThis case involved two defendants. The first defendant lost control of their vehicle, drove it off of the road, and struck a street light, causing the street light pole to fall into the roadway and into the path of travel of our client. Our client then struck the fallen street light pole. A few seconds later, the second defendant rear-ended our client’s stopped vehicle at approximately 30 MPH. Our client sustained injuries primarily to her neck, including a small central disc protrusion with radiculopathy, which required physical therapy. When physical therapy provided the client with minimal relief, she began treatment with an interventional pain physician, which involved various medications and injections to correct the issues resulting from the car accident injuries. After concluding that the client had permanent chronic pain, Attorney Joe Pierotti was able to settle the cases with both defendants, resulting in a settlement of $122,500.

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