Attorney Joseph Pierotti Obtains Quarter of a Million Dollar Settlement

Attorney Joseph Pierotti

In this case, our client sustained an injury at a gas station after slipping on ice and falling to the pavement, causing a fracture to their right ankle. Our client’s injuries ultimately required surgical correction, which resulted in placement in a soft cast and wheelchair use for approximately three months. Additional surgery was required, which resulted in an extensive course of physical therapy and multiple steroid injections, and permanent scarring to our client’s leg and ankle. Our client’s ankle pain limited their ability to walk and stand for extended periods of time. The gas station owner denied liability and responsibility for our client’s injuries. Attorney Joseph Pierotti filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf and, after more than three years of litigation, was able to obtain a settlement of $250,000.00 for our client.

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One response to “Attorney Joseph Pierotti Obtains Quarter of a Million Dollar Settlement

  1. Joe is a very good lawer he represented me and my son in a car accident case and won


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